You're a member, what now?

Here's a recommended step-by-step guide.


1. Evaluate your needs:

What are you looking for?

Are you looking for a writer to assist you in writing?

Are you a writer who is looking to work with an artist?

Are you looking to collaborate on a short term project or on a long term project? Or perhaps on multiple projects?

2. Scroll through the list of writers and artists, and see if you find a professional that you feel would be a good match for your project.

3. All names on the lists are linked to each professional's website. Use these links to find out more about their work.

4. Through their contact info on their personal website, feel free to contact the professional or professionals you'd like to work with independently. You may contact more than one person. 

5. Write them an email describing who you are, how you learned about their work, and what you are seeking. Try to be as specific as possible so they can answer accurately.

6. Some people will get back to you immediately, some will take some time, but hopefully everyone will be responsive.

7. They may reply that:

They'd love to work with you, and set up a meeting.

Love to work with you but will need to wait till they are available.

They are unable to work with you at this time due to time constraints.

They are fully booked with work at this time and would like to collaborate in the future. 


8. If you haven't found a match at this point, you are welcome to contact us and ask to post your project request on our "WANTED" section. This page is for members only to see, and requires a code to view.

9. Once you find a match that works, set a time to talk or to meet and go over the details together.

10. Establish deadlines and costs worth. 

11. Keep us posted on your projects and collaborations!!! We want to know how well it goes!!! 

And we'd also love to post it on our "NEWS" to share with the world.

Good luck!!!