We are here to support a true barter between artists and writers.


What this is

This is a free online platform that connects artists and writers.

Spending time with fine artists and art writers has taught me that each are really great in their own profession....However, the world demands artists to write, right? And since finance is always an issue with us art professionals, I've come up with a solution: barter. Artists can look for a writer-match for themselves, and writers can find artists that they're interested writing for. What's the deal? A writer will write or assist in writing your project proposal, artist statement, or project description, and for this work the writer will get a work of art from the artist. 


What are the terms

There are some rules involved:

1. Honesty and professional integrity: do your best, be responsible, and write professionally.

2. Be fair: both artists and writers work hard, have a fair trade and should agree on what the terms are in advance.

3. Choose your match wisely: read the writer's previous essays, see the artist's work. Know who you choose to work with. Sometimes it's not a good match -- know in advance and take responsibility. If you have already committed pay your dues!

4. Be proud: it's an opportunity to learn, grow, collaborate and to connect!

5. Please tell us about your collaborations and share your experiences with us, including: links, websites, exhibitions, catalogues, residencies, and more!

Useful Links

To get an idea about writers' fees, and what your barter may be worth, you can look at: 

1. http://www.the-efa.org/res/rates.php

2. http://www.wageforwork.com/calculator/


More FAQs


Disclaimer: This site, it's founder, and our future employees are not responsible for any disputes, financial misunderstandings, and complaints about particular artists and writers, and relationships created through this website. The site merely offers a connection platform/data base for each individual to seek their writer or artist collaborator.